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Liver Inflammation Increases Cholesterol in Diabetes Patients

Other Pharmacologic Therapies Include

  • TZD—show promise due to their effect on insulin resistance, but weight gain can be an issue along with the high cost of this medicine
  • Insulin secretagogues—sulfonylureas are consider safe enough for patients with liver issues, but usually do not have much effect on insulin resistance or problems with insulin secretion when the patient has liver problems due to excessive alcohol intake and/or damage to the pancreas.
  • a-Glucosidase Inhibitors—these have a good impact on digestion by lowering carb digestion and glucose absorption; therefore these medications are quite beneficial for diabetics who also have liver problems.

While some areas of treatment have been explored, as one can see, this newfound, definite knowledge of how a liver condition poses a threat of higher cholesterol for a diabetic patient gives a new direction for research into more focused and more effective treatments.