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Loss of Two Children Motivates Family to Spread Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

Life expectancy of people with CF has gone from 4 to over 35

The startling reality of CF is that too often, it takes the lives of vibrant young individuals like Jamie and Leah Hollis. Statistics reveal that each year, around 1,000 cases of CF are diagnosed in the United States alone. However, groundbreaking research and treatment are making way towards adding years and years to the lives of those living with CF. According to the CF Foundation’s National Patient Registry, life expectancy for individuals with CF has vastly increased in the past years. The median age of survival for an individual with CF is currently 37.5 years, with people living well into their fifties or sixties and even longer. This is a vast improvement since only 3 decades ago, when individuals with CF were not expected to live past adulthood.