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Lupus: Being More Mindful of Mortality

Lupus: Being More Mindful of Mortality

Lupus was once a rare diagnosis and death sentence. But now, lupus patients can use different medications and natural therapies designed to manage the disease and keep them as healthy as possible. Even though treatments have changed, patients are still at risk for complications, like kidney failure and damage to the heart and lungs. Lupus is an unpredictable disease, which is why patients must be aware of their own mortality.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its healthy cells. Every case is different. Patients may develop inflammation, swelling, joint pain, skin rashes, kidney disorders, blood issues and even damage to the heart and lungs.  For some those symptoms may come on hard and fast and for others, they will appear slowly and become more apparent.

These are a few ways we hope will help patients cope with the idea of mortality. 

Know that the medication won’t make it all go away

One of the biggest misconceptions for anyone with lupus is that the medicine will make it all go away.  For lupus patients, it’s important to understand that the medication will not make the disease go away, but make it easier for you.  Lupus medications are not a cure. They will only help relieve and manage some of your symptoms.