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Lupus: How Binge-Watching TV Shows Can Help Get Through a Flare

Lupus: How Binge-Watching TV Shows Can Help Get Through a Flare

Most people going through a lupus flare report changes in their mood. Emotional issues tend to show up in people with lupus, but for an effective recovery process it is important to keep a great attitude and avoid depression and stress at all costs. Emotional imbalance enlivened by the limitations of lupus flare can increase vulnerability of the immune system. Knowing pain, fatigue and other symptoms make difficult to doing things people usually enjoy doing. Even though there are some activities people may not need to stop doing such.

People affected the least are the ones who work in offices and in places which do not require much physical effort, some treatments may push people to cut back at work or may be have a little stop. In any case, lupus increases the amount of time needed for resting. The foggy feeling as well as the pain felt in the joints and the exhaustion caused by normal, day to day activities will inevitably require people to lie in bed for longer than usual. Most people suffering from chronic diseases may go through periods of depression. These conditions are strengthened by the time people stay in bed, resting. However, staying in bed for a long time can give a really claustrophobic feeling that will only worsen the symptoms displayed during the flare.

For anyone going through a difficult time due to lupus flare, it’s recommendable to keep a busy mind in order to avoid any kind of depressive feelings or stress since these issues will delay the recovery process. Regarding the activities people like to do when they have to rest, watching TV is surely one of the favorites. With the arrival of Netflix and the excellent catalog of shows offered right now it’s easy for users to find likeable content they can follow.

When people are going through a hard time and they are looking for peace of mind, there are many different activities they can try. For instance, many people prefer reading while others prefer playing videogames. Yet, there is a growing trend for binge-watching TV shows. The term binge-watching is the one used when someone goes through an entire series or show the same day or in just a couple of days, depending on the length of said series.

Feeling identified with the characters, being curious about what will happen on the next episode, theorizing about the events that have happened so far, all these are characteristics that put this practice within the best ideas to clear someone’s mind, no matter how difficult the situation is. People in the middle of a lupus flare should try their best to avoid any show that triggers negative emotions or stress. Anyway, there are millions of different options to choose from, and it will depend on personal taste what option is the greatest one.

These different categories will group up 4 different types of options that can help fast forward time during a lupus flare.

Watch something funny

Making people laugh can be one of the toughest tasks to do, but when it is finally achieved, it can be incredible. It’s been scientifically demonstrated that the chemicals secreted by human bodies when laughing can be very beneficial for healing purposes.

Knowing how good it is for people to laugh, TV producers invest a lot of money in making entertaining stories that are much more than only senseless jokes, making multidimensional characters, deep background for events and plot twists. Many people have grown to these shows and they became part of their lives.

  • 80’s: Alf, Diff’rent Strokes, Saved by the Bell.
  • 90’s: Seinfeild, Friends, Full House, Kenan & Kel.
  • 00’s: That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock.
  • 10’s: The Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley, Mordern Family.

Watching any of these shows will give a cheerful feeling as well as some great laughs. Even though it can be an excellent personal experience, it’s also very good to watch these shows with a loved one.

Watch a show that takes place in a fantasy world

Sometimes people are just too attached to realism; it’s actually a good idea to let imagination fly to unexpected places. Escaping to a different world where extraordinary things can happen may be the right solution.

For people looking forward to having medieval experiences crowded with valiant warriors, magical creatures and characters decided to put their life in the edge of a sword to protect their honor, shows as Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time and Vikings. There are also some enigmatic movie sagas that have left their mark in the heart of their followers such as The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Narnia. These movies are so extensive that when watched altogether they can match the length of an entire series.

Some other people prefer interstellar journeys that catapult them into a full universe of impressive and unimaginable characters and story lines. For these people it’s much recommended to watch shows such as Star Trek, Doctor Who and Babylon 5. There are some pretty interesting movies in this topic as well; the Star Wars saga and Avatar which has been confirmed to have four coming sequels are great options for people looking for an outer space experience.

Watching superhero series and movies is also a great way to avoid thinking about lupus flare. These stories usually take place in sub-universes that are very much alike our own but with small touches of fiction, making some of the characters have special powers. Excellent stories to boost creativity and forget about the symptoms of lupus flare.

Adrenaline-driving shows are always fun to watch

Being in bed for a long time can be very boring. However, TV shows and movies have made possible living this action from a very close view.

It’s important for people going through lupus flare to make sure these shows do not stress them because tension and drama can sometimes trigger desperation about what will happen next: 24, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Better Call Saul and Scorpion.

These shows are the perfect example of something that should be binge-watched. Most episodes leave loose ends and create new questions within the audience, making it impossible to stop watching.

Documentaries for educational purposes

Learning more about the surroundings, people that have impacted history in a radical way and important events that happened in the past is very good way to enrich personal development.

Even though documentaries are based in true events, some of them can be very immersive and make people disconnect from their situation to get inside characters and scenarios.

Some of these documentaries are helpful to understand nature, space and the cycle of life. Not only are they very calming and comfortable to watch, narration and visual effects are the perfect combination to pleasantly present new content. Great examples of these are: Cosmos (the old season and the new one) and Planet Earth.

But documentaries can also be source of some inspiring stories; such is the case of Man On Wire which is about Phillipe Petit, the artist that walked on a tight-rope from one World Trade Center to the other one. Food Matters is another one of these inspiring documentaries that can make people want to change their lifestyles, especially regarding their feeding habits.

Enriching the binge-watching experience

Details count and they can totally change the overall experience of a binge-watching day. In order to avoid lupus flare symptoms from getting worse while enjoying a day of binge-watching a show, people should take into considerations these practical tips:

  • Watching the show or the movie with a loved one improves the experience a lot.
  • It’s important to respect sleeping time. Sleeping is one of the things that help the most during a lupus flare.
  • Food and drinks are the best extras for a binge-watching day. Staying hydrated and eating well are things that cannot be forgotten out of eagerness to watch the next episode.
  • It’s also recommendable to do some stretches in bed before playing the next episode. If possible, walking out to get some fresh air is also a great idea.

Lupus flare is different for every person. Some people will flare for a few weeks, others months, others years.  It all depends on how the patient responds to the medication and if they are sleeping enough and not being too stressed.

However, attitude plays a vital part in recovery. In order to have peace of mind that helps a successful recovery, it’s important to have the mind busy with something and TV shows and movies are excellent and entertaining ways to achieve this.

Key Takeaways

  • Watching a funny show will give a cheerful feeling as well as some great laughs.
  • Watching a show that takes place in a fantasy world can help the mind escape to a place where extraordinary things can happen.
  • Watching a documentary can be entertaining as well as educational.