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Lupus and Alcohol: What's the Risk?

The study found that the combination of lupus, medication, and alcohol can lead to complications

Of the participants, 125 developed SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) over the course of the study. These 125 participants did drink, but there was no evidence that alcohol caused their disease, so they could have developed it due to other factors.

What was found was that women who drank less than two servings a week of wine had a significantly decreased risk for lupus compared to the women who did not drink wine. Interesting finding, right? Wine does have antioxidant properties and drinking it in moderation can help prevent heart disease. But, does it do the same thing for lupus?

The conclusion of this study indicated that there was an inverse association between moderate alcohol consumption and lupus risks in women. The study proved that alcohol itself did not cause or harm your body when you had lupus, but if you drink alcohol and take medications, you are at a high risk of complications.