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LupusLine: Helping Lupus Patients One Phone Call at a Time

Share your story with someone in the same shoes

By inviting those with the disease to volunteer, LupusLine is doing more than helping patients with the disorder. It’s also allowing them to share their story and encouraging them to help others by answering the LupusLine call. Volunteers at LupusLine have already been through the battle, which gives them first-hand experience with the disease. This is especially important when talking to patients who might be newly diagnosed with lupus; it’s a scary time in their lives and the best person to talk to at that point is someone who has been through the scary part already.

One of the reasons that LupusLine has had such an impact is because of the emotional support it provides to patients in an easy to access and safe environment. In various questionnaires that were answered by lupus patients and LupusLine users, the question was asked about why patients used the free service. The most common answer was that they were seeking emotional support first, followed by additional resources and education about the disease.

Most users report very high satisfaction rates with their counselor and the support they were provided with. There have also been significant reduction cases of depression and anxiety among the users of the service.