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Lymphoma: Organizations and Events That Make a Difference

 Lymphoma: Final thoughts

Final thoughts

It is estimated that 21,210 people will die from lymphoma – a higher number than anyone suffering from the disease wants to see. With research and donor programs like the ones outlined above, this number will continue to decrease over the coming years and (hopefully) disappear completely one day. Lymphoma is a blood disease that, although highly curable for most, can also kill without discrimination.

For anyone looking to get involved in these programs, the internet is an invaluable resource. You can find information on current research, fundraising programs and campaigns that are currently being conducted or are scheduled in the future, and ways that you can help in your everyday life.

Research and development of treatments for lymphoma have resulted in nearly a double the chance of survival over the past decades; and incredible feat for any disease. It is up to everyone to help keep these foundations alive to help keep sufferers alive and to recover.