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Lymphoma: Organizations and Events That Make a Difference

Light the Night Walk

Light the Night Walk

“When we walk, cancer runs,” and “bringing light to the darkness of cancer,” are just some of the slogans behind this walk. There are a few different facets to the “Light” campaign, all aimed at lymphoma and leukemia victims, sufferers, and survivors. Light the Night hosts over 150 walks throughout the United States and Canada that are free to register for, but you are encouraged to raise funds.

“Random Acts of Light” is another campaign where local heroes or celebrities visit sufferers of blood cancer with the idea to “brighten their life during this dark time.” Both the walk and these random acts involve the trademark lantern rod. The lantern lights up in the dark and illuminates the organization's logo and inspirational words.

Retail stores can also partake in the campaign by contacting the organization directly and setting up a store campaign or passing out awareness pamphlets. You can also volunteer at local events to show your support for the organization.

Photo credit: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society