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Meet the Man Who Has Led 2018 in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Barkhof developed MRI criteria for MS diagnosis

Barkhof is a pioneer in the field of neuroradiology. His revolutionary development of MRI criteria for the diagnosis of MS is known as the “Barkhof criteria”. It identifies specific areas in the brain to look for MS lesions. “Barkhof criteria” has been crucial in using MRI techniques to study MS and to enable an accurate diagnosis of the disease at an early stage. “In my opinion, no advance in MS research has made more of an impact on the disease than MRI and Professor Barkhof has been at the forefront of this effort since the early stages of its development,” said Henry F. McFarland, the 1998 winner of the Dystel Prize who nominated Barkhof for the 2018 Dystel Prize.

Barkhof’s contributions to imaging-based clinical trial design are increasing being used to evaluate disease progression, nerve protection and repair, disability, as well as to test out the effectiveness of numerous promising therapies. “He has made important contributions across a range of interrelated areas including diagnosis, monitoring, trial design, and disease mechanisms. He combines collegiality with scientific rigor and a passion for collaboration,” wrote Alan J. Thompson, Dean of the University College London Faculty of Brain Sciences and 2017 winner of the Dystel Prize winner.