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Meet the Man Who Has Led 2018 in Multiple Sclerosis Research

It goes without saying that Barkhof plays an essential role in the field of MS research and advancement

Barkhof is the author of three books: Clinical Applications of Functional Brain MRI, Magnetic Resonance in Dementia, and Neuroimaging in Dementia. He is also the author of chapters in many books. To date, Barkhof has written and co-authored well over 900 papers referenced in PubMed. He has held lectures across the globe on the various aspects of diagnosing and treating MS and he has served as a mentor and educator to many doctoral and postdoctoral fellows.

Barkhof was named as one of the 3,000 most influential scientists worldwide by Thomson-Reuters. As an early member and leader of the European MAGNIMS consortium, a network of academics who share a common interest in studying MS using MRI techniques, he played a vital role in defining the field and establishing its value.