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Manage Chronic Illness with These 6 Apps

Manage pain and symptoms

Catch My Pain Pro is an app that helps people who suffer from chronic pain. Many of these patients are asked by their physicians to keep a pain diary. Catch My Pain is a pain diary application that helps patients keep a record in one safe place. Notebooks are a thing of the past. Patients can track pain levels, log descriptions of their pain, and even draw details of pain location and intensity. Patients can send records directly to physicians from the app for easier management. It is available on smartphones or there is a PC version. The app can fun full function even without an internet connection which it only uses at startup and to sync information. It also has a feature that enables patients to connect with a community of others where they can swap stories and best practices.

The data from this application has been used for research by medical experts including scientists at the University of Zurich. The information has been used to discover more about chronic pain and its management. The company invites the user to give feedback on ways to improve their system.