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Managing Emotions in Multiple Sclerosis

How neglecting your needs compromises your overall health

Dealing with the physical symptoms accompanying MS can divert one’s attention from emotional health needs.

By not attending to your emotional needs, your overall health can be compromised.

Be aware of the mind-body connection and how unaddressed emotional needs can negatively impact our physical health.

On their site, the Family Doctor further informs us that when we are in the midst of an emotional crisis, such as being stressed, anxious, having mood swings, etc., our mind receives the signal that something’s wrong, and directs our body to go into defense mode.

Our body’s response to our emotions, however, can further complicate our health.

Wikipedia adds that "excessive amounts of stress may lead to bodily harm. It can increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, and even (emotional conditions) such as depression." (Depression is very common for people with MS.)