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Medical Cannabis Is a No-No for Sleep Apnea, Experts Say

A CPAP machine is the most common form of treatment

Those self-help or alternative remedies may help for a temporary period of time, but it may not work for the long-term. If you have no success with treating your sleep apnea with them, then you need to see a sleep medicine specialist. A sleep medicine specialist will prescribe a CPAP, or continuous positive airflow pressure device.

A CPAP is the most common treatment used for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. A mask covers your nose and mouth and provides you with a constant stream of air that keeps you breathing passage open.

If you have tried sleep apnea machines in the past and given them up, you need to give CPAPs another look. The technology is continually being improved and new devices a quieter, lighter, and more comfortable. You may experience immediate relief and a huge boost in your energy.