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Medical Mystery: Thyroid Resistance in Fibromyalgia

But, how did Dr. Lowe make this connection in the first place? Through deductive reasoning

To say that Dr. Lowe magically conjured up this idea by putting two and two together is an understatement. Him and his research team found that the thyroid and fibromyalgia were connected through a method known as "deductively formulated theory." Or, in simpler terms, using logic. Today, unfortunately, not many use this when it comes to medicine. In fact, in an interview with Dr. Lowe, Dr. Mercolla mentioned that this method is a theory that only "a rare scientist [...] understands." Dr. Lowe basically looked at what was already there. He had competitive theories in front of him and then looked at which hypothesis made the most sense. 

When dealing with diseases like fibromyalgia, that do not have just one cause, using this method is almost a must. It also shows why researchers and other physicians should look into the bigger picture for when it comes to medicine. Instead of treating what is abnormal, find the real underlying cause. Though a certain treatment would for one cause, it doesn't mean that it would definitely work for another.