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Medical Mystery: Thyroid Resistance in Fibromyalgia

Dr. Lowe's treatment plan works for over 85 percent of fibromyalgia patients

Dr. Lowe also had, what he called, "Metabolic rehabilitation" to treat both fibromyalgia and thyroid resistance. He also believed that this rehabilitation would be successful in treating most, if not all, diseases. Metabolic rehabilitation involves:

  • An anti-inflammatory diet
  • Regular exercise that is catered to your own tolerance level
  • Balancing sex hormones
  • Treatment of adrenal fatigue
  • Effective thyroid hormone therapy
  • Treatment of infections, candida overgrowth and restoring good bacteria
  • Stop taking medication that affects the metabolism, causes side effects, creates even more imbalances, and deteriorates your overall health
  • Treating nutritional deficiencies

The metabolic rehabilitation is a systemic approach to control the factors that affect metabolic rates. Approximately 85 percent of fibromyalgia patients who follow Lowe's treatment have long-lasting, positive results.