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Medical Mystery: Thyroid Resistance in Fibromyalgia

Respected Dr. John Lowe was the first to introduce the relationship between thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia

Dr. Lowe was a well-known expert in fibromyalgia, and was the first to introduce an effective treatment for fibromyalgia and thyroid hormone resistance. When he first was interested in thyroid, he was actually researching fibromyalgia and the effectiveness of using the myofasical trigger point therapy. However, when studying the patients that participated, he realized only a majority of them responded positively to his trigger point treatment. The rest didn't because of underlying issues that he hadn't yet identified. 

Upon further examination, he realized this was due to inadequate regulation of TSH, and he went on to create the treatment of increasing the doses of the T3 hormone. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Lowe died on January 9, 2012 because of complications from a head injury. And, though his research was significant, this connection between thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia is not as known as it should be.

Photo Source: Youtube