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Minnesota Expands Medical Cannabis to Sleep Apnea Patients

Laws governing the administration of medical cannabis treatment

In the year 2014, an act known as the medical cannabis therapeutic research was passed by the legislature in Minnesota State to outline the format of the treatment and how it should be administered to to patients, including those diagnosed with sleep apnea.

It allows two manufacturers to produce the products, and they must get registered by the state. They should also have four distribution centers and one manufacturing facility. The product should get supplies in the form of liquid or a pill.

The qualifying conditions should be as outlined above for the inclusion of a patient in the program. The following sequence of events gets followed:

  1. A patient gets diagnosed with a qualifying condition, such as sleep apnea
  2. Patient sends a yearly application to MDH
  3. The verification of the patient, manufacturer, and healthcare practitioner gets issued by MDH
  4. The treatment of the condition goes underway
  5. The manufacturer ensures medication reaches the patient
  6. The patient reports to MDH
  7. The MDH gives reports to the legislature and critical medical journals