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Minnesota Expands Medical Cannabis to Sleep Apnea Patients

Possible results of Minnesota expanding the use of medical cannabis

Because of this expansion, patients and the state of Minnesota should expect a number of different effects. Among these are:

Increased enrollment in the medical cannabis treatment program

There is a fair chance of more people joining the program now more than ever. Not only will sleep apnea patients join the bandwagon to reap the benefits, but they can also aid the medical community as much as possible to see how much this treatment can help improve the symptoms of the sleep disorder.

Improved quality of life

Patients suffering from sleep apnea will enjoy a sound sleep, resulting in an improvement in the quality of their lives. Medical cannabis eliminates serotonin that causes abnormal breathing patterns.

It also helps those that have sleep disruptions, those that find it difficult to sleep and to get back to sleep, and people who have trouble staying asleep. Solving these problems alleviates the sufferings the patients undergo.

More production of medical cannabis drugs

There is going to be an increased production of medical marijuana drugs to cater for the increased number of patients suffering from sleep apnea.  

Currently, the Minnesota state has authorized registered manufacturers to produce the products, which are the LeafLine labs and Minnesota medical solutions.

Reports indicate that, though there is an increased demand for the drugs, the companies suffered substantial financial losses amounting to $11 million in just 2 years. These can be attributed to systemic problems occasioned by the state's tightly regulated program.

Other problems that occur include the shortage of the drugs to the patients. Some unforeseen delays at the lab cause these. Minnesota's state laws require that drugs should be tested first before being dispatched from the labs.