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Model with Muscular Dystrophy Slays on the Runway

What to look for and how congenital muscular dystrophy presents

Monitoring cardiac, respiratory, and intestinal functions, however, takes predominance, as these structures are likely to be affected by the person’s hypotonia; cardiac deficiency, above all things, remains as one of the most frequent causes of death in individuals with muscular dystrophy.

In terms of appearance, those with muscular dystrophy have very thin (atrophied) arms and legs; and it is this hypotonia the main cause behind the person’s difficulties to move around and perform any type of physical activities. Individuals like Jillian are frequently wheelchair-bound for life. In some cases, the person might be able to get around by themselves with the aid of a wheelchair, but as the disease progresses, they will require someone to push them around or to purchase an electric wheelchair.