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The 15 of the Most Wanted Traits in Dating Ranked (#7 Is Not What You'd Think)

13. Drop the bad boy/girl persona. Empathy is sexier.

We admit, this one is tricky. It's important to find a middleground on the spectrum--somewhere between being a mushy pushover and being a cocky, arrogant egoist. How is this possible?

Confidence and sensitivity. Yes, you can have both. The ideal partner is confident in themselves while eager to understand their partner's feelings and emotional needs. The ideal partner will seek to reach compromise, rather than letting you win or wanting themselves to win. They understand the value of feelings.

Partners who display arrogance and single-mindedness, who need to have the last word--usually are not able to express their feelings without being aggressive or confrontational. This is a huge no-no for ANY relationship, not just romantic.