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The 15 of the Most Wanted Traits in Dating Ranked (#7 Is Not What You'd Think)

11. A good sense of fashion is a reflection of yourself

We're not saying you need to be looking in the mirror every 5 minutes to make sure you *still* look great (actually, we advise against it!). But having a sense of fashion, even just knowing what not to wear, shows you're willing and able to take care of yourself, and able to put in the effort to make sure you make a great first appearance. That alone can say a lot about how you treat other people, especially potential partners. If you look sloppy, that broadcasts a LOT about your personality--even if you aren't truly a sloppy person. Having smart fashion sense doesn't require a ton of work, and there are many resources online to get you started if you feel lost. Fashion is also a useful bonding tool for relationships--you can give and receive advice and compliments that will truly help you be your best self.