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The 15 of the Most Wanted Traits in Dating Ranked (#7 Is Not What You'd Think)

9. Doesn't hold grudges (and doesn't need to say it)

Relationships can and will get messy — it’s human nature. Despite the initial honeymoon period, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows; tensions will inevitably run high between yourself and the person you’re dating. This is normal, unpleasant though it may be, but more important than the argument is how you react afterwards. Holding a grudge, for example, is a big no-no. These are emotional time bombs: they sit and build up pressure, and when they finally explode, they release a wave of resentment that can significantly impact your relationship.

It also perpetuates past hurts rather than letting them go so you and your partner can heal. Plus, if you let emotions fester, it inhibits your personal growth and makes you seem childish. Relationships are serious matters that require maturity, so if you constantly bring up that time your partner spilled their coffee all over you, or how they threw out a beloved T-shirt, ratty holes and all, then it may be time for a little self-reflection.