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The 15 of the Most Wanted Traits in Dating Ranked (#7 Is Not What You'd Think)

7. A strong, happy relationship with their parents

Recent studies on the psychology of relationships has shown that people who are on good terms with their families tend to have better romantic relationships. Perhaps this is why it is an important quality sought after in prospective dates.

Children often emulate their parents due to their heavy influence on them growing up, so if the two are at odds, it could offer a glimpse into your partner’s future demeanor. People who grew up in neglectful or abusive households are also more likely to have depression and anxiety as adults, making it harder for them to find someone with the patience and understanding necessary to handle their mental issues.

More than that, you don’t want to date someone who is constantly at war with their own family. It makes for awkward situations and uncomfortable discussions. Of course, being on bad terms with one’s parents doesn’t mean that person will be a bad life partner, but less conflict outside the relationship can make things easier internally.