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The 15 of the Most Wanted Traits in Dating Ranked (#7 Is Not What You'd Think)

6. Supporting your partner's goals while pursuing your own

On a more serious note, lending emotional support is a coveted trait in the dating world. It is one of the key attributes of a strong, healthy relationship, not to mention a sign of maturity. Displaying concern for others indicates empathy, something people greatly need, especially in times of personal turmoil. Often, it only takes a few words of encouragement or a hug to show someone your support.

Even just listening can help. True support builds up the other person and encourages open communication of feelings between both individuals. People want to feel like their partner has their back and can be relied upon when times are tough, so showing support in small matters can speak volumes. 

If your partner truly is in the wrong, disagree using kind language. Sometimes, supporting someone means pointing out their mistakes or flawed thinking, just be sure to do so in a gentle manner.