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Muhammad Ali's Fight Against Parkinson's Continues Even After His Death

Ali as an advocate

Photo: Muhammad Ali. Source: Daily Mail.

Ali became such an inspirational and powerful advocate for a few reasons - obviously, the most powerful reason was his status as a fighter.  But, his continued vigilance and dedication to educating the public about Parkinson’s made him not only an inspiration but also a person for those battling the same disease to look up to.  Who could forget the image of him at the 1996 Olympics, proudly lighting the torch with a shaky arm and winning smile on his face?

Ali’s efforts and dedication to advocacy that subsequently led to the creation of the Center and medical research has already reaped many benefits.  It could very well be thanks to him that researchers uncovered the hidden benefits that exercise has in the fight against the disease.  In other words, it’s now a known fact (and considered to be part of an effective treatment plan) that exercising as soon as a diagnosis of Parkinson’s can greatly reduce the severity of the symptoms.