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Muhammad Ali's Fight Against Parkinson's Continues Even After His Death

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson's Center

Photo: Muhammad Ali at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson's Center. Source: Business Wire.

Today, almost 2 years after his death, the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center is one of the leaders in Parkinson’s research. Currently, there are as many as 15 different research studies around Parkinson’s happening at the Center.  These studies range from the exploration of the brain through imaging to potential drug therapies to surgical interventions such as deep brain stimulation. 

All of these studies involve medical researchers, scientists, doctors, patients, and their families.  The ultimate goal is to provide those who are fighting Parkinson’s with treatment options to not only ensure a long life living with the disease but also by minimizing its effects.  The hope is to find a cure but until then, continued research can certainly make the fight a little easier.