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Multiple Sclerosis: The Year in Review

Multiple Sclerosis: The Year in Review

Multiple Sclerosis: The Year in Review

2017 has been a crazy year for people all across the globe, but one positive note is the countless developments that have been achieved in the field of medicine, specifically regarding multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis has always been a particularly devastating and debilitating disease, but key developments have made the disease more treatable and improved the quality of life for MS patients across the globe. We will be looking at key advancements that were made this year, as well as what 2018 could bring in terms of even better treatments in trials. These include scientific discoveries and even developments in the government's involvement in the fight against MS.

Improving diagnosis

While treatment and recovery are extremely important, having systems in place to promote quick and accurate diagnosis of MS helps patients begin treatment as soon as possible. The most effective way of treating modern MS is to catch it early and beginning treatment right away, so ensuring proper diagnosing of the condition has been a goal of researchers for many years.

One of the more experimental MS treatments in recent years has been promoting myelin sheath growth and recovery in MS patients. Myelin sheaths are membranes that encase nerves and are crucial to nerve function and health. MS attacks often damage these sheaths, which can cause serious nerve damage and more severe symptoms associated with MS.

Impact on cognitive functioning

One of the less talked about symptoms of MS is a loss of cognitive function. Patients often experience trouble learning and remembering new information, processing information quickly, planning, organizing, and problem solving.

There are so many studies and research being published about MS every year, so it is no surprise that some of these studies may end up not being as reliable as many believed them to be.

We obviously can't cover every single advancement and event relating to MS this year, which is actually a great sign! Researchers are constantly coming up with a better understanding of how MS works and how treatments can be used to fight the disease and increase the quality of life of MS patients. If there is anything that we learned this year it is the fact that researchers never stop searching for more answers to help doctors and MS patients in treating MS. We have no doubt that 2018 will only bring us closer to finding better alternative treatments for MS patients. Researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals alike are uncovering more and more about multiple sclerosis, from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment to prognosis. This has led people living with MS to live freer lives while still being able to manage their condition appropriately.

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The following are some of the year's biggest events involving multiple sclerosis research. Read on to learn more about this year's advancements in MS!