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Multiple Sclerosis: Walk, Talk, and Learn with Therapy Horses

Start by doing your own research, then discuss with your doctor

Although practitioners recommend hippotherapy for individuals with neurological disorders, others are not as open to the approach. “You may have to do your own research, and if so, the AHA website is probably the best place to start,” said Silkwood-Sherer. It may also be wise to check with a doctor in order to determine one’s overall health and discuss the benefits/risks involved with engaging in the therapy. According to Silkwood-Sherer, individuals living with advanced stages of MS may not be a good fit for the approach.

Throughout the years, hippotherapy has been studied as an effective therapeutic approach for many conditions, including MS. While the results have suggested several benefits, including improved balance and alleviated symptoms, further research needs to be done in order to generate more definitive results.