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Muscular Dystrophy Research in Veterinary Medicine Authorized for Human Clinical Trials

Approved and monitored by the government

The letter then proceeds to inform the president that Dr. Kornegays’ research is approved and monitored by The Institute of Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), which is the equivalent monitoring board to the IRB of the human research. The research also has not received a single IACUC violation and has met all their standards.

There are also strict requirements set for the research environment that holds the dog colony as mandated by the USDA. The research project has never violated any of them; the project exceeds all the requirements instead. They even have four veterinarians on the team to date and is known to have as many as six involved in the project before, which, as compared to other animal research projects that only have consultant veterinarians, the level of care for the animals in the Texas A&M research project is great.