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Muscular Dystrophy Research in Veterinary Medicine Authorized for Human Clinical Trials

Debunking PETA's allegations

The first thing the letter did was debunk PETA’s allegations of Dr. Kornegays’ inhumane treatment of the animals. PETA is said to have purposely created videos that open with Dr. Kornegays’ name and Texas A&M but also has footage from a different colony, outside of the US. This misleading tactic can also be seen on their website. The opening statement they wrote suggests that all the videos are from the Texas A&M facilities. Subtly suggesting that the University of Missouri, France’s Alfort National Veterinary School, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are also doing the same practice but videos from their facilities are not shown.

PETA is also said to have used the misleading picture of one of those maltreated dogs from the colony outside the US as the poster on a bus that they drive around the campus. They have also gone as far as interrupting a school event by flying an airplane with a banner that urges people to help stop the research project.