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Muscular Dystrophy Was Not a Barrier for Maickel Melamed to Finish Boston Marathon

Melamed finished his race in 20 hours

Along with about 30,000 participants, Maickel Melamed joined the Boston marathon. He finished the race in approximately 20 hours, and at the time, the marathon was accompanied by harsh weather. According to him, the race was real tough. However, his physical trainers had an amazing way to keep him going.

For  Maickel, Boston is a special place to finish one of the toughest marathons in his life. This is because he was brought by his parents in the city when he was still a baby. He had his medical treatment for muscular dystrophy in Boston. According to Melamed, being able to finish the Boston marathon was already a milestone.

Photo: Maickel Melamed finishing the Boston Marathon. Source: Screenshot from CNN