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Music Therapy: How Music Aids in the Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Jackie Manatt: A patient who shows that the benefits are real

One of the people in her class, Jackie Manatt, has been an attendee for already two years. Manatt stated that aside from enjoying the class, she also wanted to contribute to Stegemoller’s research. Manatt was diagnosed with the dreadful disease more than 10 years ago and wanted to know more about Parkinson’s disease. Through the treatment, Manatt actually noticed small improvements in the way she expresses herself.

Aside from Manatt, other patients also experienced a lot of benefits from the class. The family members of some of the patients noticed that they are much happier and more relaxed.

In fact, the class already had an evening concert last year August 12 at the First Baptist Church of Ames. It was a complete success with the whole public invited to watch the performances. This was a joint collaboration of Stegemoller with the Iowa State University.