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Music Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Music therapy and fibromyalgia

The University of Granada conducted a study where researches applied a relaxation technique based on guided imagery and music therapy. Patients participating in the study were given a CD to listen to at home. Researchers measured variables associated with the main symptoms of fibromyalgia, and then the patients were given an opportunity to participate in their own treatment.

This resulted in these researches finding that music therapy combined with relaxation techniques can help improve many areas in the lives of fibromyalgia patients. This results in improved depression, anxiety, sleep, and reduced pain. All of this is so effective and may greatly improve a patient’s quality of life.

“Further empirical research studies are needed to address other physiological variables associated with the well-being generated by these two techniques, and that analyze patients’ self-efficiency and personal power to get involved in their own treatment.”

Not only does music therapy bring along great benefits and increase the quality of life, but it is also very cost effective. Instead of hiring a professional doctor or therapeutic assistant, it’s easy to listen to music. It’s just overall effective and easy to implement.