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Music Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Understanding your condition

Before even considering hiring a music therapist, it is important to confirm that a condition like fibromyalgia is definitely present and effecting day to day activities. This means going and getting a diagnosis, figuring out what exactly is going on in your body. Your diagnosis will affect your treatment plan.

Maybe consider familiarizing yourself with some of the symptoms listed previously in this article. If any of them might be prevalent, it might be worth considering this alternative mode of treatment. Speak to a doctor about a referral for music therapy as it could very well bring many benefits.

Music can be quite beneficial to the management of chronic pain. It actually causes changes within the brain in the regions associated with language, memory, and attention. These changes also affect the way the brain processes pain, interesting right? Well it turns out that these changes can lead to an overall change in the way a patient experiences pain.