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Taking a Nap Break Instead of a Coffee Break

Here are some tips for better sleep: It's all about the light

  • As discussed previously in this article, get more natural light. If you do not have a window in your office and are exposed to fluorescent light all day, take your lunch breaks and required breaks and go outside.
  • The quality of light coming through your eyes sends information to your suprachiasmatic nucleus or the SCN. The SCN has 20,000 nerve cells located in it, and the right type of light transmitted to the SCN uses the information to manage your circadian clock.
  • The circadian clock regulates your awake and sleep cycles. How does this relate to fluorescent lighting in your office? If you’re not getting a high-quality full spectrum of light through your eyes, your SCN doesn’t tell your pineal gland to stop the melatonin soon enough, and you end up feeling drowsy.
  • Fluorescent lighting may be cheaper for companies to use, but this type of lighting exacts a cost regarding quality of life and sleep for those who work under them.