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Natural Disaster Emergency Checklist for Diabetics

Stock Supplies in the Places You Frequent Most

Many think that when a disaster strikes they’ll be in their homes, however that’s not always true as people spend almost as much time at work and travelling between school, work and home in their cars. A prepared waterproof kit should be kept in each location and checked periodically to make sure that items haven’t expired and that batteries haven’t died. Insulin should however not be kept in a car that has the potential to heat over eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit or be exposed to large amounts of sunlight even in cooler temperatures, these will render the insulin ineffective when used.

Pack Non Perishable Foods

Pack at least a two to four week supply of non perishable and dehydrated food items that can be easily stored without cold and eaten without needing to be heated or cooked. Items like peanut butter crackers, juice boxes, bottled water and canned foods with pop tops that require a can opener so as to avoid accidents.