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New Research Could Change Cutaneous Lymphoma Treatment

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Out of all the available prescriptions available to treat cutaneous lymphoma, the most commonly prescribed is phototherapy, psoralen, and topical steroids. Investigators reported that often, ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A light can both be used in phototherapy. The most commonly prescribed systemic therapy was found to be psoralen, Psoralen is used commonly with ultraviolet A light to treat many dermatologic conditions such as psoriasis. The drug is light sensitive, and it absorbs ultraviolet light to act like radiation.

The researchers also studied treatment response rates for the commonly used therapies for mycosis fungoides. They found that phototherapy was met with the highest rate of treatment response, with 35% of patients blessed with a complete response and 26% with a partial response. Less than a quarter of the patients treated with other means experienced some form of treatment response.

Dr. Quaglino says that the treatment response rates are also affected by other factors besides the treatment option itself. For example, he noticed younger patients tend to be more eager to undergo treatment, and the treatment response is affected by the unique characteristics of the lymphoma lesions themselves.