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New Research Evaluates Evolution of Crohn's Symptoms Over Time

Research data for Crohn's Symptoms

Research data

The researchers found that 54.2 percent of the patients were female and that the mean age was 32.7 years old. When inspecting the activity level of the disease, the researchers found that 12.4 percent were penetrating, 24.6 percent were stricturing, and 62 percent were inflammatory, with perianal disease rating at 31.8 percent. The median follow-up time lasted 65.2 months. At the end of the follow-up time, the researcher again inspected activity level and disease behaviors and found that 18.4 percent were penetrating, 38 percent were stricturing, and 43.6 percent were inflammatory while perianal patients increased to 46.4 percent. The cumulative probability of being free of complication at 5 years was 86.3 percent, at 10 years was 66.4 percent, and at 20 years was 52.2 percent.