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New Study Attempts to Interrupt Parkinson's Disease

New Study Attempts to Interrupt Parkinson's Disease

Studies and efforts to stop chronic neurodegenerative diseases never stop. As new discoveries are used to diagnose patients, the level of severity is also a main target of new research. Nevertheless, there are also many researches on how to slow Parkinson’s progression.

According to a study published in the journal Science, a group of scientists from Northwestern University were able to identify a specific toxic cascade that causes neuronal degeneration in people suffering from Parkinson’s. What made the difference between this research and the rest is that the group of Northwestern scientist found a way to interrupt said toxic cascade.

The same study showed that an antioxidant can help a lot when looking to pause the evolution of the disease when implemented during early stages of the condition. Antioxidants have the ability to break the degenerative cycle triggered by Parkinson’s disease and it also helps improving neuronal functioning.

These results are a breath of fresh air for people suffering from the condition since they are a starting point for the development of new therapies. The importance of this research along with the effects they have on human neurons are critically important for new solutions.