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New Study Attempts to Interrupt Parkinson's Disease

Future Tests

Tests are most likely to switch their methods and focus more in a way to detect signs of Parkinson’s disease in the genes of people suffering from the condition. Researchers state that causative genes may have a lot of information regarding the possibilities of someone suffering from neurodegenerative diseases while GBA gene offers less information but is still useful for the study according to Krainc.

Krainc also mentioned that improving brain imaging and clinical equipment is very important when looking for an early detection of Parkinson’s and other chronic neurological diseases.

Another relevant fact about the study is that the toxic cascade did not show the same results in human cells affected by Parkinson’s diseases than it did to animal cells. Krainc and his team stated that this was caused due to major differences in how each species metabolize dopamine and highlighted the importance of studying human cells when developing drugs that may help interrupt the degenerative process.