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Nick Jonas Receives Disney Hero Award for His Efforts in Diabetes Awareness

Nick winning the Hero Award

Photo: Nick Jonas and Jack Black. Source: Beyond Type 1.

At the Radio Disney Music Awards 2017, Nick was given the Hero Award. There he walked the red carpet with a group of children who have the same condition as him. These children were also the ambassadors of Beyond Type 1, including the granddaughter of Robert and Ella De Niro. The award was presented by his co-star in Jumanji, Jack Black. This was an award given to him due to his efforts in spreading awareness on diabetes and helping other people who also have diabetes.

On stage, he shared some of his thoughts and the feelings that he had when he discovered that he has diabetes. He was just 13 years old at that time. According to him, it was when he was just started to make music with his brothers. Back then, he thought that it would be something that would slow him down before he even got started.