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Nima Portable Gluten Sensor: Can It Help Celiac Disease Patients?

How the Nima Portable Gluten Sensor saved one woman from an attack

Source: Good For You Gluten Free.

Cheri Henderson in a Nima Portable Gluten Sensor review recalled how the device was able to save her from a possible attack.

Henderson has an inherited celiac disease that prevents her from eating food that has gluten, such as pasta, bread, pizza, and cookies. Whenever she eats a dish that has gluten in it, she would experience certain reactions that are uncomfortable and at times, painful. Henderson stated that there are even times when the effects are potentially dangerous. She also mentions that she has tried the device many times when she went to restaurants, received chocolates, and when she baked cornbread.

Out of these, she mentioned one incident where the device was a big help. She ordered a supposed gluten-free chicken bacon ranch pizza in a restaurant that she had gone to with her friends. After taking a slice of pizza, she noticed that her mouth started getting blisters, which is an effect of being exposed to gluten.

With this, she immediately placed a piece of the pizza into the device and tested it for gluten. The device read “low gluten” which meant that there were some traces of gluten in the “gluten-free” pizza.