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Nothing Can Stop Alzheimer's Man from his 30th Festival 10 Mile Race

The later stages of Alzheimer's disease halts independence

  • Moderate stages of Alzheimer’s begin to hinder independence. Typical daily activities are challenging, and speech difficulties become evident. The sufferer is unable to recall specific vocabulary words.  The loss of reading and writing skills is upsetting, and complex motor skills become less coordinated. The risk of falling increases. Short-term memory problems worsen, and the person may not recognize close relatives. Long-term memory may also be impacted.
  • Advanced Alzheimer’s may mean the patient is entirely dependent on caregivers. Language is reduced to simple words and there is eventually a total loss of speech. Often, patients can understand and return emotional signals, but this is rare. Typical systems are exhaustion and apathy. Muscle mass and mobility deteriorate to the point where they are entirely bedridden and unable to feed themselves. The cause of death is an external factor like an infection or pneumonia and not the Alzheimer’s disease itself.