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Occupational Therapy may Improve Fibromyalgia Patients' Quality of Life

The Results  Therapy of Fibromyalgia

The Results

The results were conclusive: pain patients who had tried the program found that they had experienced an improvement in their individual occupational therapy performances. They also found that they had earned higher scores in satisfaction assessments after they completed the program. Furthermore, participants in the study found that they were able to socially and physically perform at higher levels while their limitations caused by physical discomfort and emotional distress went down. Overall, after participating in the program most of the 45 patients reported that they had felt less exhaustion, improved overall health, and heightened confidence in their own ability to deal with inevitable upcoming pain-related issues.

The findings were especially important, as researchers were able to find solid number, thus strengthening their argument for “Lifestyle Redesign.” In fact, the leader of the study, author and assistant clinical professor at USC Ashley Uyeshiro Simon,  said that having the quantitative evidence they collected about the effectiveness of the therapy is “really valuable.”