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Young Girl Overcomes Crohn's to Run Marathons

Remicade allowed Esther to recover

Remicade allowed Esther to recover

After starting her regular infusions of Remicade, Esther immediately began to heal. The Remicade treatments eventually brought her to remission from her Crohn’s disease. She found that she had quite an appetite! Esther was able to gain as much as 20 pounds in those initial months after starting treatment. She laughs as she remembered how the cooks would tease her, saying that she might eat them too if they didn’t run fast enough!

Esther began to live her beautiful teenage life fully, even taking up modeling!

Feeling happy and healthy, Esther rejoiced in her health by taking up modeling. Finally able to live a normal life, she was able to show off her new healthy look and confidence. She was even featured on the cover of a local publication in Honduras. Esther continued her modeling until she began college.