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Young Girl Overcomes Crohn's to Run Marathons

Staying active and healthy despite her Crohn's

Staying active and healthy despite her Crohn's

Esther has achieved goals that most people without IBD can’t even say they have done.

Esther’s also managed to stay healthy and active despite her Crohn’s. Still in remission, she’s even completed three half-marathons! That’s more than most people even without a chronic disease can say that they’ve done. She has done half-marathons in her resident state of Texas in the cities of Austin, Dallas, and Woodlands. What an achievement!

Esther is a role model for other young people who suffer from Crohn’s

No matter how healthy and happy Esther feels now, she never forgets where she came from. Esther gives back to her IBD community. Working with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of American, she has started a mentorships program to help young people go through the very same things she went through as a scrawny, sick teenager. She’s immensely dedicated to this program, working 4-5 times per week.