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Young Girl Overcomes Crohn's to Run Marathons

Where is Esther now?

Where is Esther now?

Now, Esther is all grown up. At 25-years-old, she is still living life and feeling good. She no longer can see Dr. Reeves-Garcia any more since he is a pediatric gastroenterologist. So she’s had to move on to an adult specialist in Dallas, Texas.

Though she doesn’t see him as a patient anymore, Dr. Reeves-Garcia and Esther have remained close friends. They still keep in touch via text and Facebook. They really feel that they are more like family. Esther says that Dr. Reeves-Garcia has always been somewhat of a father figure to her than anything else.

Esther has moved away from Honduras since she first got diagnosed with Crohn’s. She’s actually been living in Dallas, Texas for the past 7 years. This past spring, she celebrated her graduation! She got her Master’s degree in management from the Southern Methodist University. Congratulations to Esther!