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Overmedication in Nursing Homes Is Robbing Children of their Parents

The Government Accountability Office has launched an investigation to evaluate the care

The Government Accountability Office, or the GAO, produced an investigation that evaluated the care given to patients who are covered by Medicaid. The report showed that there were significant gaps in the reported amount of safety and severe health concerns between Medicaid enrollees and non-medicaid enrollees. The differences highlight increased incidents of physical and sexual abuse, medication-related mistakes, inappropriate discharge and vague reasons for death.

Over 20,000 incident reports were filed in 2014 in all 22 states that had been actively tracking that information. The other 26 states had not tracked this information, so the GAO can only base their findings off of the participating 22 states. Based on the state data findings, the accountability office created a list of recommendations for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which includes rewording some of the state laws in order to create more explicit and clear statutes.

“Our nation’s seniors, who depend on Medicaid for long-term care services and support, must be safe and protected wherever they call home,” explained Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said. “Given that each year the Medicaid program spends billions on assisted living facilities to ensure beneficiaries receive the high-quality care that they deserve, we must be vigilant that these programs are working as intended.”