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Oxygen Therapy for COPD Patients

Oxygen Therapy for COPD Patients

Patients with COPD have a difficult time breathing properly, resulting in a lack of oxygen. Because of this lack of supply, the main concern that arises is that there is not enough oxygen transporting to vital organs.

A lack of oxygen in the body can be fatal. It is considered the most salient element in human life. Without oxygen, the brain can only survive for six minutes. After that amount of time, we can see damages manifested in different areas of our brain.

Oxygen Therapy Preparation, Procedures, and Precautions

Oxygen therapy is given to patients in need of oxygen primarily because of:

For assessment, a qualified healthcare professional will measure the amount of oxygen in your body and amount of oxygen absorption through arterial blood gas, or a non-invasive pulse oximeter. This will be conducted with a doctor’s prescription. Once the results our out, the doctor can determine what kind of equipment or tool should be used to deliver the desired oxygen supply. The doctor can choose from nasal cannula, face mask, oxygen tent, or incubators.

A doctor will determine how long a patient is to utilize these methods.

Although oxygen is needed for our welfare, its administration should not be done without medical advice. This is to prevent hyperoxia, a condition when the tissues and organs of the patient are exposed to unnecessary high amounts of oxygen. This is dangerous the same way hypoxia can be fatal.