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Parkinson's Disease Faced Head-On: Nobel Prize Winner's Wife Dies from Hypothermia

It's a family effort

Though it has often been said that Sumire Negishi had been there to show her love and loyalty to her husband, Nobel Prize Winner, Ei-ichi Negishi, it isn’t a stretch to say that he had always been there for her too. Throughout their 50 years of marriage, they had traveled together and supported each other in all their endeavors.

Parkinson’s disease is not an easy ailment to have, but the support of friends and family can greatly help during the trying times. Huge adjustment is indeed needed, but it’s not an impossible task to accomplish. It greatly helps to be surrounded by others who also know of the experience but most of all, being open to loved ones about the disease will make a great foundation in facing this ordeal head-on.

Photo: Wikipedia